Want to Host a Cryptocurrency Pool in the Cloud? CloudSigma is an Excellent Choice.

Customer Profile

“CloudSigma is valuable resource to us, and has turned out to be an extremely valuable move for us, allowing us to expand our global footprint and help abstract some of the more annoying work running servers rented from other general providers.”Alexander Blair, founder @ XMRPool.net

XMRPool.net is the reference implementation and development location of a well-known mining pool within the cryptocurrency space, particularly within the Monero (XMR) space. Written as a NodeJS application, the pool takes advantage of high core counts and the extremely fast SSD storage provided by CloudSigma for its database, as well as the cryptography actions required to verify the submitted work from miners.

The site and the pool were self-funded by the founder of XMRPool.net but, due to financial issues, he was initially looking to shrink its footprint. This is how he discovered CloudSigma.

The Challenge

Their pool application (nodejs-pool) uses LMDB as its backing database, with fairly sizable writes under high usage. During the proof-of-concept stage they were primarily interested in storage speed and performance.

“The performance has been exemplary, easily on par with the dedicated hardware that these servers replaced.”

In addition, as the cryptography involved in work verification is very AES heavy, XMRPool.net needed access to the full advanced encyption standard instruction set of the Intel’s processors. This is a feature that the founder of XMRPool.net couldn’t use in any other cloud.

“The fast-performing hardware of CloudSigma and the enabled access to AES-NI quickly convinced us to partner with CloudSigma.”

“Overall, I was extremely pleased with the changeover, CloudSigma has extremely well connected servers with plenty of bandwidth, allowing the network of servers to serve multiple thousands of clients at once across the world. Combined with an intelligent Geo-DNS system, CloudSigma provides fantastic multi-region services under one easy-to-use roof.”Alexander Blair, founder @ XMRPool.net

The Implementation

Change over from the previous production servers was nearly seamless, with only a small downtime required in order to migrate the databases.

“CloudSigma’s per-region control panels allow for relatively easy setup of new VMs, and they’re spun up quick and easily, allowing for a very rapid and smooth deployment.”

During the implementation, XMRPool.net encountered a few issues with the servers getting nullrouted due to a high inbound PPS from the initial download of datasets. These were quickly resolved by the technical staff of CloudSigma.

“The technical support team of CloudSigma is fantastic. Download issues were quickly resolved and did not recur.”

The Change

Today XMRPool.net enjoys a stable deployment and is considering expanding to another region in the future, convinced that this would be quite easy.

“CloudSigma team is both fast and professional. By and large, I’ve stopped worrying about possible outages, as the CloudSigma team sends notices of maintenance well in advance and makes it very easy to handle when a reboot is required.”

“I have no fears hosting any software or tools with CloudSigma into the future!”Alexander Blair, founder @ XMRPool.net

In addition, their end-users report to have noted better latency, as well as better overall response time from the new nodes, which has been fantastic for XMRPool.net. This is one of the many reasons why their founder Alexander Blair would highly recommend CloudSigma for any software or tool, especially in the cryptocurrency business:

“If you’re on the fence about giving CloudSigma a try, I highly suggest going and giving them a shot! The technical team is fantastic and ready to help at any time, day or night with any issues you may have through setup or deployment.”

About Vanya Nikova

Vanya is leading the Global Customer Development Team at CloudSigma. Beside that, she is responsible for a number of big data and big science partners and projects at CloudSigma. She has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Mannheim, Germany with 10 years of work experience in sales and consulting services.

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