Using Node.js Modules with npm and package.json: A Tutorial featured image

Using Node.js Modules with npm and package.json: A Tutorial

Node.js is an open-source cross-platform Javascript runtime environment. For the last few years, it has become a popular choice for back-end web development due to its fast Input/Output (I/O) performance and unbeatable JavaScript syntax. Also, its adaptive nature allows quick customization, making this server technology stand out from its competitors. Node.js Package Manager — An Overview Node.js Package Manager or …

Using HTTP client Axios in a React Application featured image

Using HTTP client Axios in a React Application: A Tutorial

Many web apps face the necessity of interfacing with a REST API at some point in their development. For React-based web apps, we can use Axios, a lightweight HTTP client based on the $http service within Angular.js v1.x. The features are similar to JavaScript’s native Fetch API. Axios is promise-based, allowing us the ability to incorporate JavaScript’s async and await

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Setting Up a React Project with Create React App

React is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries for developing front-end apps. It’s an open-source library that was originally developed by Facebook. React quickly became popular for creating fast applications with JSX – a programming paradigm that combines JavaScript with an HTML-like syntax. Previously, setting up a React project would have been a complex process. It required configuring the …

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How to Deploy a Node.js (Express.js) App with Docker on Ubuntu 20.04

Introduction Docker is a container platform that is a lightweight, virtualized, portable, software-defined standardized environment. It allows the software to run in isolation from other software running on the physical host machine. Docker is a defining component of the Continuous Development and Integration aspect of Software Development. It offers a lightweight alternative to virtual machines and allows developers to enjoy …

install Node.js on Ubuntu

How to install Node.js on Ubuntu 18.04

Node.js is an open-source platform that allows programmers to build dynamic web pages and applications. It is used widely for server-side scripting and allows users to use JavaScript for both client and server-side scripts. In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Node.js on Ubuntu 18.04 and get started with it. Prerequisites First, you have to create a machine. …