Secure Latest Generation Crypto-Mining Equipment

CloudSigma is pleased to offer this exclusive opportunity to pre-order crypto-currency mining equipment on a risk free basis*.


In addition to securing and managing the purchasing and shipping process for the latest generation of cloud mining equipment as a participant of an early adopter crypto-mining community, you’ll have the opportunity to benefit from heavily discounted hosting of your cloud equipment should you choose to do so**. Alternatively CloudSigma will ship your equipment via DHL Express International to your chosen location upon receipt from manufacturer.


All orders qualify for 24/7 free customer support.


Watch an introductory video by CloudSigma CEO Robert Jenkins on Crypto Mining Equipment & Cloud Hosting, or for further information on all aspects of this service you can read our full Mining Equipment Frequently Asked Questions

You can now longer order via this page. We have now fully integrated Bitcoin payments into the CloudSigma Crypto Currency Mining Shop at the checkout via at:

Additionally you can pay via Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Wire Transfer.

We will be offering hosting for all miners purchased through CloudSigma, as an optional service if you do not wish to receive physical delivery of the miner. We intend this hosting service to be very competitive compared with current available options. Additionally, all purchases and operations via CloudSigma are covered by our ISO27001 certification.

Please email if you have any queries


Terms of ordering:

  • Orders are not subject to cancellation or return once placed.
  • CloudSigma AG is subject to the Manufacturer’s Estimated Delivery window. Should the products not be shipped or fulfilled 30 days after the estimated period as stated for the purchased product, you will be entitled to a full refund.
  • Any local duty/customs shall be borne by the purchaser, CloudSigma accepts no liability for delivery delays including but not limited to customs inspections.


The Warranty will become null and void if:

  • The rig has been disassembled, has unauthorized changes or replaced components
  • Has damage caused by lightning, voltage surge,or faulty power supply
  • Has burnt circuit boards or chips
  • Has damage caused by water, damp or corrosion
  • Acts of God


CloudSigma AG is not responsible for loss of income during the warranty service period.

* Subject to the Terms of Ordering outlined above
** Should you choose to enter into a cloud hosting contract for your mining equipment your shipping cost will be credited to in full against the first invoice for this cloud hosting