How can I upload files faster to my cloud servers?


A lot of people need to move files and back forth from the cloud and their cloud servers. Traditional protocols like FTP often perform very poorly particularly over higher latency connections. In fact, the speed you can achieve over any line is a combination of the line speed, the latency and the packet loss rate. Here’s a great free tool that can transform your cloud upload and download speeds:

Check out Fast Data Transfer or FDT ( ); you can achieve speeds much higher than using traditional transfer methods.

Linux environment
1. Create a new server in the source location with a large disk attached
2. Place the drive files (such as drive images) that you wish to migrate on this server
3. Create a new server in the target cloud location with a large disk attached
4. Ensure that Java (JDK) is present on this server and the Source server
5. Download FDT to the /home/<user> directories on both servers
6. Run the fdt.jar file on the destination server with the command:
home/<user># java -jar fdt.jar
7. Use FDT to copy the file from Source to Target using this command:

[local computer]$ java -jar fdt.jar -c <remote_address> -d destinationDir ./
e.g. java -jar fdt.jar -c -d /home/user/downloads /home/friend/Image.iso

Now that you have uploaded the file to your virtual machine, upload it to an account in the Target cloud using the standard CloudSigma scripts.


Windows environment
To use the FDT in Windows, you have to download and install Java (JDK) on both machines and the steps after that are as follows:
1. Open Command Prompt
2. Go to the directory where the fdt.jar file is on both machines
3. Enter the command on the source machine:

<Directory>java -jar fdt.jar
e.g. D:\java -jar fdt.jar

4. On the server (target) machine the command is as follows:

<Directory>java -jar fdt.jar -c <Destination IP> -d <Destination Folder> <Local file>
For example:
D:\java -jar fdt.jar -c -d D:\Downloads D:\Ubuntu

FDT is free and available for download (both Windows and Linux) from here.


You can find some more worked examples on how to use FDT at


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