Transparent & Flexible Pricing

Pay based on resource consumption, not on server size. 
Save up to 80% of your infrastructure costs with our hourly billing and auto-scaling.

Scalable Pricing Without Fixed Plans
& Flexible Pricing

With our PaaS container-based infrastructure you don’t need to guess how much resources
you need to allocate.
Every PaaS container is divided into granular units called cloudlets.
1 cloudlet = 128MB of RAM and 400MHz of CPU.
The system makes hourly measures how many cloudlets inside each container are consumed
and requests the payment only for these used resources.

Reserved cloudlets are used for expected application consumption and are offered to a lower price. The more you reserve, the bigger the discount.
You can also set up a maximum scaling limit for each container in the form of dynamic cloudlets, so the resources will be always available in case of load spikes. 
The payment is based on real usage only. The rest of allocated resources in the scaling limit are free of charge if not used.

PaaS Calculator

Get a quick estimate of what your PaaS usage will cost on the CloudSigma PaaS platform:

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PaaS Billing & Pricing FAQ

What is charged by the PaaS pricing?

We only charge for the consumed resources. The costs are transparently divided between 4 resources. Our new generation pay-per-use pricing is based on real usage instead of server size. With CloudSigma’s PaaS there is no need to guess in advance how much resources to allocate. The right-sizing problem is eliminated and that guarantees your cost efficiency since the actual consumption is automatically monitored and billed according to your real usage.

  • Cloudlets

A cloudlet is a small compute unit that allows for great granularity while scaling. Each cloudlet is equal to 128 MB RAM & 400 MHz CPU. Cloudlets can be consumed as reserved or dynamic. 

  • NVMe storage

The PaaS storage is based on our standard NVMe cloud storage. Again, the system only charges for what you use. Charges are calculated hourly. CloudSigma does not put a limit on IOPS. Our infrastructure is designed specifically for high performance and ensuring that all servers and containers have access to IOPS as required.

  • Public IP address

Public IP addresses can be purchased and used in a manner similar to our IaaS offering.

  • Data transfer

Similarly to our IaaS offering, inbound data remains free of charge for the PaaS offering. You only pay for outbound data transfer. The more outbound data you consume, the less you pay per GB of data. Discounts for PaaS outbound data go up to 30%.

What is a cloudlet?

The whole PaaS pricing model is based on resource units called “cloudlets”. A cloudlet is a small compute unit that allows for great granularity while scaling. Each cloudlet is equal to 128 MB RAM & 400 MHz CPU. Cloudlets can be consumed as reserved or dynamic.

Reserved cloudlets are used to define the amount of resources you expect your application to consume and you pay for them irrespective of actual usage. With reserved cloudlets you pay a fixed price. Discounts for reserved cloudlets go up to 30%. 
The dynamic cloudlets limit defines the amount of resources your application can access based on the load. You pay for them only in the case of real consumption. Discounts for reserved cloudlets go up to 15%.

How does the PaaS pricing help me optimize my budget?

The more cloudlets you consume, the less you pay for each cloudlet. You are able to choose your scalability limits in order to put caps on your spendings without unexpected or high bills. You can combine both cloudlet types based on your needs, i.e. use both reserved and dynamic cloudlets, or use them separately for different types of workloads.

For example, you can have a server with 8 reserved cloudlets and set a maximum limit of 32 dynamic cloudlets. In this case:

  • If you use 8 cloudlets or fewer, you will only pay for 8 cloudlets at the discounted rate for reserved cloudlets.
  • If you use 24 cloudlets, you will pay the reserved price per cloudlet for 8 cloudlets and the dynamic price per cloudlet for 12 cloudlets.

The combination of the reserved and the dynamic cloudlets allows you to save up to 80% of your hosting bill.

Where can I see the consumed resources?

Detailed information on your consumed resources can be seen in various places in your dashboard:

  • An approximation of your monthly spend based on your reserved cloudlets can be seen in the pricing widget at the environment wizard’s right pane.
  • The current resources consumption of every environment is displayed in the ‘Usage’ column of your environments list. It includes the current amount of used cloudlets and the amount of occupied storage.
  • The ‘Billing History’ section provides information on all the payable resources consumed during a given period.
How much do I pay for resources?

The prices can be seen inside your PaaS dashboard. Go to Billing > Quotas & Pricing and you’ll see a set of tabs displaying pricing information and discounts for each kind of resource available in the PaaS platform:

The various software stacks are provided free of charge. You only pay for the resources consumed but not for the software itself.

How do I increase my consumption?

Our automatic vertical & horizontal scaling allows for a live and granular resizing of the same container without container restart. On top of cost saving due to zero waste of unwanted resources, this guarantees high performance and application uptime, since the resizing causes no service disruption:

How do I decrease my consumption?

If you want to decrease your consumption, you can stop your environment when you don’t need it running. For example, if it’s a test environment or if you don’t use it over nights and weekends, you can stop it and you don’t have to pay for the resources that you don’t use:

Hence, you are not going to pay for cloudlets (RAM and CPU) and traffic. You are only going to pay for NVMe storage and for public IPs, if you have purchased any.