Key Features

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CloudSigma is a pure IaaS provider. This means we don’t place restrictions on the software that you run on your servers or the level of access you have. We give all our customers full control to scale, install and customise servers to fit their needs, not ours

CloudSigma’s IaaS platform has a number of key features designed to benefit our customers:

Fully Independent Scalable Resources

On the CloudSigma platform you can specify exactly how much CPU, RAM, Storage and Bandwidth you require independently. We don’t bundle resources together. If you are a high CPU user for example you won’t have to purchase bundled RAM which you don’t need! If you need a lot of storage but less CPU and RAM likewise no problem. There are no ‘standard’ server size on the CloudSigma cloud.

Run Any Operating System and Software That You Like

CloudSigma does not place any restrictions on the operating systems or software that you run on your virtual servers. As long as the operating system can run on standard Intel/AMD architecture it will run on CloudSigma.

No Meaningless New Jargon

We provide the same computing resources and networking as traditional dedicated hosting but in a flexible instantly scalable form and with more efficient billing and usage models. Cloud computing doesn’t mean we need new names for old concepts so we keep it simple. A static IP address is called a static IP address, a VLAN is, well, a VLAN etc.

Virtual Servers That Behave like Real Servers

The CloudSigma system is designed so that virtual servers behave like traditional physical servers. Users can start, stop and restart them. Users can mount and unmount drives and customise networking settings like adding a static IP or VLAN.

Guaranteed CPU, RAM and Storage Allocation

CloudSigma uses the latest generation of virtualisation technology which allows it to guarantee fully reserved RAM and storage allocations without over-subscription. We also offer a minimum CPU availability proportional to reserved size. That means the total CPU available on a machine is shared pro-rata between virtual server instances subject to a minimum allocation. At times when the CPU is not fully allocated, virtual server instances on our cloud will actually have MORE CPU allocated to them than the user is paying for. We can’t see any reason to limit the CPU a user receives when there is free CPU and of course that additional CPU allocation is not charged for.

Persistent Servers and Storage

All CloudSigma virtual servers are persistent. Once created whether a server is started or stopped it will remain in that user’s account ready to use. Likewise, all storage is written to a user’s virtual drives. Data written to virtual drives persists and is available in the future whether or not the server that that drive is currently associated with is running or not.

Automatic Redundancy and Failover

In the unlikely event that there is a software or hardware failure that causes a host to stop working, the virtual servers will automatically start-up once that failure has been resolved. Most outage events (although rare) last just minutes. Automatic redundancy and failover allows our users to configure their virtual server software to continue working automatically after a server restart ensuring easy management and higher levels of availability. A user can manually reboot a virtual server instance at any time.

Full Control via API or Web Console

CloudSigma’s philosophy is to give maximum flexibility and control to users of our cloud. We allow all account actions to be executed via our API or innovative web console. Whether you are new to cloud computing or an experienced veteran, you will be able to access and control your virtual server instances and drives on many levels, irrespective of technical ability and experience.

Collaborate and Share

Many new companies and individuals are migrating to cloud computing and as they do so they are finding new, innovative and better ways of accomplishing old tasks. The CloudSigma community aims to allow our users to communicate and share ideas and software from within our web console on a secure and opt-in basis. One of the key benefits to all users (whether they participate in our community directly or not) is the growing public drive image library of different server drive images that any user can instantly deploy to their account for free.

100% SLA with x50 credit

CloudSigma has built its platform (both hardware and software) from the ground up specifically for the task of providing a reliable high availability IaaS product. This includes incorporating many layers of management and redundancy that ensure our cloud stays available to use for our customers. As a result we are happy to offer all customers a 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a time credit of 50 times qualifying downtime. Read our full comprehensive cloud SLA agreement

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