Higher Flexibility & Better Customer Support: Two Reasons Why MSPs Choose to Partner with CloudSigma

Partner Profile

8080 Solutions is an American Managed Services Provider focused on a wide range of cloud & hosted infrastructure solutions. Along with its core services, the company offers consulting, migration and support, tailoring customized solutions for the specific business needs of each client.

The company specializes in network architecture, system integration, web hosting, cloud and virtualization migrations. It offers decades of expertise in using technology to improve the efficiency of operations as well as the bottom line.

8080 Solutions leverages an extensive partner network and has been a CloudSigma partner since 2016.

“Originally, I was an affiliate of AWS, but I wanted something better for our clients. I was looking for a cloud vendor that offered more flexibility and a better customer support. At AWS we weren’t having that person at our disposal to call directly, which was a priority in our search for a cloud partner”Daniel Lengert, Chief Solutions Architect @ 8080 Solutions.

The Challenge

8080 Solutions was born on and lives on the cloud, which allows the company to design solutions to fit any business and any budget. When it started to search for a cloud partner, 8080 Solutions knew one thing – it needed a partner that would allow it to accommodate the wide range of demands for its growing client base, while offering a reasonable price.

“We call ourselves “Solutions Brokers,” the services we offer depend entirely on the specific preference of each client, covering as much or as little as needed. We provide everything ranging from desktop support to server infrastructure, network infrastructure and web design. This is why we were looking for a partner that was cost-effective for our clients and at the same was able to scale up quickly.”

The main challenge that 8080 Solutions was facing when choosing a cloud vendor was to find a service that allowed clients to scale up quickly at a cost-effective rate. As is normal, whether clients are sold on a particular solution depends on the pricing, a competitive pricing was a very important factor in 8080 Solutions’ decision-making process.

Another priority for 8080 Solutions was to find a partner offering good terms on the SLAs. The company hosts its customers’ servers, which means that adequate stability, availability and uptime are essential to keep ahead of the competition. It also sells the servers with a package of cloud knowledge and expertise, giving clients a complete infrastructure-as-a-service experience. What the company needed was a reliable partner that could give the right answers and assistance when needed, so it could provide the highest quality service for its clients.

“Once we can convince a client to migrate to a cloud infrastructure, we migrate them completely. So, their entire infrastructure sits in the cloud and of course once you are sitting completely in the cloud, performance becomes incredibly important. We have clients with cloud-based applications that a dozen, sometimes as many as a hundred people are hitting all day long and sending piles and piles of data back and forth. So, performance and security has been a major focus for us on behalf of our clients.”

The Solution

8080 Solutions was happy that all of the concerns it had when searching for the perfect cloud provider were met when they partnered with CloudSigma.

The first differentiator that sold them was CloudSigma’s unprecedented SLAs. This was very important for 8080 Solutions, because most of its clients’ entire infrastructure depends on the proper running of their servers.

“The big thing that differentiates CloudSigma from the other vendors we were considering was the high SLAs. For us, having that uptime is crucial. And with CloudSigma’s 100% uptime, it makes a big difference. For example. AWS offered 99% uptime, and that 1% is a big deal for us. It may not seem important, but it becomes a huge problem when something goes down.”Daniel Lengert, Chief Solutions Architect @ 8080 Solutions.

On top of the high SLAs, 8080 Solutions was impressed with CloudSigma’s excellent customer support.

“CloudSigma’s support team is just incredible, and for me one of the most important things in a partner is to provide good customer support. I have absolutely no problem cutting ties with a company just because the customer service they provide is not up to 8080 Solutions’ standard. With so many clients, we have limited time waiting for someone to call us back when there is a problem, and CloudSigma was always able to solve our issues right away.”

CloudSigma’s platform features and performance, as well as the friendly 24/7 technical support team were enough to convince 8080 Solutions that CloudSigma is the right partner for its needs. The competitive pricing was the cherry on top that further distinguished CloudSigma from other providers in the market.

“We focus very heavily on the medical industry, and the medical industry in the United States is usually 10 years behind in terms of accepting technological advancements. So, a big promise from our company is that we “drag them” into the 21st century. And this of course is incredibly expensive. With CloudSigma’s affordable prices we were able to convince our clients to take the leap to the cloud.”

The Implementation

When it comes to migrating to the cloud, 8080 Solutions’ many years of experience allowed for an extremely easy transition. The company’s expertise lies in migrating customers to a cloud based solution, whether in their own data center or a third party cloud provider. At the same time, it was still impressed with the user-friendly management interface.

“We were very happy with the simplicity of the web interface. It is amazing. We were extremely satisfied with how it has been to run and operate servers on CloudSigma.”Daniel Lengert, Chief Solutions Architect @ 8080 Solutions.

Another advantage for 8080 Solutions was the fact that CloudSigma’s platform capabilities fit perfectly with what its clients require.

“One of our clients runs hosts, essentially SaaS solutions out of your data center. There, especially, performance is incredibly important, because it utilizes cloud based applications that hundreds of people are using all day long, exchanging huge amounts of data. So, performance has been a major focus for us and so far CloudSigma has definitely met and exceeded every expectation that we’ve had.”

The Impact

CloudSigma was able to help 8080 Solutions, by delivering an extremely high-quality service, while decreasing the costs for the company’s clients which is of great importance in the highly-price sensitive industries they operate.

Since working with CloudSigma, 8080 Solutions was also able to take advantage of having a personal account manager, a benefit that CloudSigma provides to each of its partners. Having that person to call immediately when facing an issue, improved significantly the quality of the services the company provides to its clients.

The Future

8080 Solutions is excited about what the future is going to bring for its partnership with CloudSigma. Technological advancements are rapidly changing the capabilities of cloud computing, and 8080 Solutions is thrilled that CloudSigma’s platform is constantly improving and adding new features.

“For us as an MSP, it’s important to be able to manage multiple accounts under one master account. This is a feature that we have asked from CloudSigma for a while, and we’re excited that after our discussions it is being currently rolled out. So far, it has greatly improved our ability to serve our customers.”

In addition to CloudSigma’s willingness to accommodate the needs of its partner, 8080 Solutions is happy that CloudSigma’s API allows them to easily address any concerns or developments it wants to implement in-house.

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