GoDaddy Cloud Closing? Test the Free Cloud Migration Service from CloudSigma

Since last week, we’re finding a growing number of potential customers looking for an alternative to the GoDaddy cloud platform. This is how we discovered that GoDaddy are planning to discontinue their cloud offering as of 31st December 2017:

We’re discontinuing GoDaddy Cloud Servers

Please retrieve or back up your content before December 31, 2017. After this date, your GoDaddy Cloud Server account will no longer be supported and your servers will not be accessible. Here’s everything you need to know to get prepared:

  • Bitnami apps and images won’t be supported after 2017/11/15.
  • All other images and servers won’t be supported after 2017/12/31.
  • Prior to these dates, you’ll still be able to build new servers, test,
    clone and destroy servers.
  • Your billing cycle and billing rate won’t change.

The email content was kindly provided by one of the customers that has successfully migrated to CloudSigma.

Companies who are looking for an alternative to the GoDaddy Cloud are welcome to check out why thousands of customers from various industries trust CloudSigma today:

  • high flexibility & no vendor lock-in
  • excellent price-performance ratio
  • unprecedented customer support
  • free live migration
  • European headquarters & operations worldwide

Get your free evaluation account for Linux or Windows now!

Once you sign up for your free evaluation account, you can use our free and user-friendly migration tool to live migrate your servers quickly, easily and efficiently. Check out our short video tutorial below, which will guide you through the migration process:

For an extended evaluation, more information on CloudSigma or questions regarding the migration tool, please feel free to contact our sales team at sales@cloudsigma.com.

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