CloudSigma Preisgestaltung, Cloud-Infrastruktur, flexible Preisgestaltung, transparente Preisgestaltung, erschwingliche Cloud-Lösungen

CloudSigma Preisgestaltung, Cloud-Infrastruktur, flexible Preisgestaltung, transparente Preisgestaltung, erschwingliche Cloud-Lösungen

Affiliate Referral-Partner

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CloudSigmas Affiliate Referral Partner Program: Stärkung von MSPs im Zeitalter der Cloud

In der heutigen Landschaft ist die Cloud mehr als nur ein Werkzeug, um IT-Kosten zu senken. Sie repräsentiert Skalierbarkeit, geschäftliche Entwicklung, Nähe zu Kunden, Agilität und eine Vielzahl von Möglichkeiten, um sich gegenüber Mitbewerbern zu behaupten. Wenn Sie ein Managed Service Provider (MSP), Systemintegrator oder IT-Berater sind und konstante Einnahmequellen erschließen sowie Ihre Kunden durch eine reibungslose Cloud-Migration führen möchten, ist das Affiliate Referral Partner Program von CloudSigma genau das Richtige für Sie!

Why the CloudSigma's Affiliate Referral Partner Program works for you

  • Acquire new revenue

    First, as a cloud channel partner, you enjoy a predictable, growing long term revenue stream from your customers on top of your IT enabling or managed services.

  • Improve your profitability

    Next, many of your customers are considering the cloud as an option or are already deployed with a cloud provider and are facing some challenges. Instead of wondering how to solve these issues, you can turn your customers’ challenges into your opportunities.

  • Reduce business risk

    When you join forces with a high service cloud partner, you can focus on your core strengths and provide add-on services without additional costs or risks.

  • Reach new markets

    Finally, the self-service cloud with locations worldwide gives you two major benefits. On the one hand, it enables you to expand your geographic reach and enter new market segments. On the other hand, it gives you the opportunity to profit from your existing international customers interested in deploying in another location.

What you get out of the channel partner program

As a valued channel partner of CloudSigma, we help you turn customers migrating to the cloud into opportunities. Thus, you achieve a recurring revenue stream.

15% lifetime commission

You will receive between 15% and 25% of lifetime commission against all payments by your customers in our cloud. Besides, there are no time or size limitations, i.e. it doesn’t matter if the customer is paying for one year or for 10 years, and also it doesn’t matter if the customer is paying USD 100 per month or USD 10,000.

For example, if your customer spends USD 2,000 a month on compute with CloudSigma, you would receive USD 300 back in your bank account every month.

Commissions are paid once a quarter when a minimum commission balance of USD 100 for an account is reached. All commissions are converted to USD based on the last exchange rates used by CloudSigma for setting prices in each currency.

Last but not least – once you go over a certain threshold, your lifetime commission grows as per the table below:

Threshold Level

Referral Fee Percentage

All Qualified Referrals where Qualifying Revenues are up to USD 50,000 per month
All Qualified Referrals for Qualifying Revenues are between USD 50,001 and USD 150,000 per month
All Qualified Referrals where Qualifying Revenues are greater than USD 150,001 per month

Dedicated partner support

Our slogan is “big enough to deliver and small enough to care”. As a cloud channel partner of CloudSigma, you will receive customized support. Moreover, you get a single point of contact, product demo, and trainings. In addition, you get free evaluation accounts for your customers. Moreover, we are supporting you with various sales & marketing materials, tailored to your specific requirements.

Online portal with live reporting

More than that, you can track your leads, commissions and payouts in your personal profile in our transparent online portal. Our Step-by-Step Guide will walk you through the platform and get you up and running in no time.

To find out more, click here or just apply for the program directly:

“We did a comparison with AWS, Azure and other cloud providers, and CloudSigma comes up cheaper. Your price to performance ratio is unmatched.”

Why CloudSigma

The CloudSigma cloud solution provides you with a foundation to expand geographic reach while focusing on your core strengths combined with a high service cloud partner.

Public, virtual private & hybrid cloud options

With CloudSigma as your cloud channel partner, you can offer your customers the full spectrum of infrastructure options on top of your services. In addition, CloudSigma is one of the most customizable cloud services. We provide customers with the power to provision scalable compute processing, storage, networks and other fundamental computing resources, in order to allow the best combination of cloud resources without the limitation of fixed server sizes. One size does not fit all, and we know this. Additionally, any x86 compatible software is running out-of-the-box without modification saving time and money.

Global deployment options

The standardization of the multiple CloudSigma cloud platforms around the world provides for a one-and-the-same high level of user experience. You can offer cloud, data center and managed services to customers worldwide – operated by local entities and thus ensuring 100% compliance with the local legal requirements.

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Value-added cloud services
CloudSigma’s rich feature-set allows you to migrate your customers off their physical or virtual environment free of charge or deploy Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service or backup scenarios. The disaster recovery solution gives you the opportunity to leverage the potential of the cloud service to the maximum by providing mirroring of virtual or physical in-house infrastructure to the cloud to the extend of creation of an entire shadow DR environment with a complete automatic recovery workflow and application independent tools which work with all Windows & Linux environments. In addition, you can switch on load balancing or DDoS mitigation. You can also pick up among a number of security and business continuity features.

“The new Disaster Recovery features are a game changer. The performance, compared to other providers we tested, is off the chart. The support of the CloudSigma team we are getting is amazing!”

“Security and where we keep the data is very important for our end customers. This is all cash register data, revenues, etc., which is highly relevant for accounting. Keeping this data safe was a major factor when selecting a cloud provider.”

High security
CloudSigma ensures that all aspects of our infrastructure and services used to deliver and manage our platform, conform to the highest ISO certification standard in relation to security and data privacy. This is reflected in CloudSigma’s security certifications including ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018. We regard this as a top priority. Your customers can rest assured that we will deliver openness and transparency with respect to our security procedures and policies.
Unprecedented 24×7 free technical support
CloudSigma’s technical support is available 24×7, instantly providing the important answers. At CloudSigma, we provide a high-quality service. We strive to approach projects with a deep understanding of the specific needs and pain points of every single customer. For that reason, each CloudSigma customer gets a dedicated account manager as a single point of contact. This results in maximizing trust and appreciation from clients.

“CloudSigma’s support team is just incredible, and for me one of the most important things in a partner is to provide good customer support. I have absolutely no problem cutting ties with a company just because the customer service they provide is not up to 8080 Solutions’ standard. With so many clients, we have limited time waiting for someone to call us back when there is a problem. CloudSigma was always able to solve our issues right away.”

For any additional information on becoming a cloud channel partner of CloudSigma, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]