CloudSigma Launches a Second Cloud in Switzerland

Since its launch in 2009 CloudSigma has been building a global network of cloud locations worldwide. This year we celebrate the launch of the company’s second Swiss cloud platform in the canton of Uri. The flexibility, adaptability and unseen performance of the CloudSigma platform finds an ideal home at the highly secure data centre of DELTALIS, hidden in a former military bunker in the Swiss Alps.

Unique Location and Data Protection

“The launch of our second cloud in Switzerland allows CloudSigma to support new workloads and full disaster recovery deployments using 100% green energy produced locally thanks to our data centre partner DELTALIS. Customers’ data rests safe in DELTALIS military grade data centre while they enjoy very low latency computing out of Switzerland.”Robert Jenkins, Founder and CEO @ CloudSigma

Our new cloud offers a combination of CloudSigma’s world-class cloud services with the benefits of DELTALIS innovative data centre and local support. User data is stored securely on servers operated by CloudSigma, located in dedicated rackspace under the legal jurisdiction of Switzerland, making it the perfect legal framework to run your cloud computing infrastructure under.

The DELTALIS data center features state of the art technology and is protected against any failure by the full redundancy of all critical elements allowing concurrent maintainability. Located on one of Europe’s main internet backbone routes, the data center provides low latency connectivity. Furthermore, the CloudSigma cloud runs on 100% locally produced green energy from hydroelectric power stations in the surrounding mountains.

High Availability and Recovery

“We are very pleased to be collaborating with CloudSigma on this exciting project to bring more Swiss security, stability and independence to the cloud market. As one of the world’s most secure and stable datacenters with certified Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) and seismic protection we provide the perfect environment for safe cloud solutions. Each company is a leader in its sector and by combining these strengths CloudSigma customers get all benefits from a market leading end to end solution.”Frank Harzheim, CEO @ DELTALIS

The second cloud location lives up to the quality and standards of all existing CloudSigma clouds. Customers are in control of their deployment down to the very last detail. They can combine CPU, RAM, storage and bandwidth in a granular way per their specific requirements. Moreover, the scalability of the platform lets users adjust their computing needs elastically over time.

Nowadays, hybrid architecture is at the core of the infrastructure deployment of many companies. CloudSigma provides the tools to design a redundant and scalable setup sitting in DELTALIS. The hybrid cloud technology of CloudSigma allows direct and secure IP-only connectivity between users’ private networks in the cloud and their colo inside Deltalis, as well as between their cloud setup and their on-premise deployment outside of the data centre.

High availability is another ingredient in the recipe for creation of a redundant computing environment. The positioning of DELTALIS on one of Europe’s main internet backbone routes, close to Zurich, makes it a perfect choice for the deployment of a mirrored cloud setup, backing up of users’ data, as well as the configuration of a disaster recovery hub of one’s infrastructure. CloudSigma provides integrated disaster recovery and backup features allowing customers to connect their applications to backend cloud storage and processing or mirror their private infrastructure 1:1.


DELTALIS operates its hyper secure Datacenter deep inside a Swiss mountain in an environment that was made to protect. Where the Swiss military built one if it’s primary control and command centres, data and systems now find the ultimate in security and stability. Alongside physical security DELTALIS benefits from 100% renewable energy produced in local Hydro-Electric generation facilities and has 700 cubic metres of mountain water for primary cooling. This provides an environmentally friendly location that is also able to scale to the increasing demand for power density in Datacenters.
The DELTALIS proposition is further enhanced with a multilayer security concept, full redundancy and a strong IP and IX connectivity from international carriers. In its 10.000 m2 facility, DELTALIS provides the highest degree of flexibility and scalability in Datacenter services, from rack space in open colocation areas to hundreds of square meters of space in dedicated suites. Our clients benefit from an ISO27001 certified Datacenter that has been built to the highest of specifications and using industry leading vendors and suppliers.
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