Why doesn’t CloudSigma billing refer to servers but computing resources instead?


Rather than adopt more restrictive legacy business models, CloudSigma has adopted a simple and transparent approach to pricing and purchasing that allows you, the customer to efficiently purchase and vary the resources you pay for over time.

We offer four basic products which can be used to create cloud servers; these are CPU, RAM, data storage and data transfer.

Rather than purchasing bundled resources as ‘servers’, you are able to purchase your total resource requirement in aggregate for your account then form your infrastructure out of these resource pools in a totally flexible way.

We charge for these products in the following units:
CPU: Core-Gigahertz (GHz)/ hour
RAM: Gigabyte (GB)/ hour
Storage: Gigabyte (GB)/ month
Data Transfer: Gigabyte (GB) transferred (outgoing only as all incoming bandwidth is free)

In addition to these core resources, other products are available such as commercial software, VLANs and more. All these other products are rented on a time basis. Fixed IP addresses are also available but attract a small administration fee.

Resources can be purchased on a subscription or burst basis. In simple terms, subscribed capacity is paid for in advance and reserved for you for the period you purchase. We offer subscription periods of one month, one year and three years.

Burst capacity is paid for on a pay as you go basis out of pre-pay balance in your account. You can have a combination of burst and subscription usage at any one time. We calculate usage levels regularly and charge in short 5 minute billing cycles. The minimum billing period is therefore just five minutes! Full details of our pricing and billing methodology are available at https://www.cloudsigma.com/pricing/.

We have a comprehensive billing and account management section available via the web console. You will be able to view all your current and future subscriptions. A full list of transactions on your account can be found by clicking the ‘Transactions’ as well as a transaction history. All this information is also available via our API, full details of our API are available at https://cloudsigma-docs.readthedocs.org/en/latest/.

You can add money to your account at any time by clicking the ‘add funds’ button on the web console. Simply decide whether you want to make your payment by card, Paypal or bank transfer then follow the instructions. For card and Paypal payments you will be able to add funds to your account immediately online. You can also save a payment method for account auto top-up and auto renewal of subscriptions. In both cases the default is set to off.

Subscriptions purchased are taken from the pre-paid balance in the same way as burst usage. Please make sure you charge up your account with sufficient funds prior to purchasing the relevant subscription.

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