Cloud Servers & Cloud Hosting Defined by You

  • Achieve complete control and flexibility over your cloud environment
  • We offer flexible cloud servers and VPS hosting in both Europe and the US
  • Run any operating system unmodified (Linux, Windows, FreeBSD and more)
  • Craft your environment as you like with completely flexible server sizing, high availability, tiered storage, advanced networking and incredible performance
Key Facts
– Founded 2009 in Switzerland
– Approx. 50 employees
Fifteen Cloud locations (Europe, the US, Middle East and APAC)
ISO 27001/ISO 27017/ISO 27018 Certified Public Cloud

Meet the CloudSigma Team

Robert Jenkin, CloudSigma CEO
Robert Jenkin
CMO and Co-Founder

Patrick Baillie, CloudSigma Co-Founder
Patrick Baillie
CMO and Co-Founder

Martin Vasev, CloudSigma COO
Martin Vasev

Antoaneta Obretsova, CFO
Antoaneta Orbetsova

Borislav Ivanov, CloudSigma CO
Borislav Ivanov

Kris Katsarski Team
Kris Katsarski
Head of Support

Stoyan Varlyakov
Head of Software Development

Vanya Nikova, CloudSigma Head of Content Marketing
Vanya Hristoskova
Content Marketing Manager

Peter Gray, Product R&D Executive
Peter Gray

EU Projects manager

Alexandrina-Alexandrova-Marketing Executive
Alexa Alexandrov

Head of Marketing

Emiliya Stoeva, Graphic Designer
Emiliya Stoeva

Graphic Designer

Zahraa Alawieh, Graphic Designer
Zahraa Alawieh

Graphic Designer

Miglena-Mihaleva-Partner Sales Enablement Manager in Sales
Miglena Mihaleva
Partner Sales Enablement Manager 

Beloslava Spiridonova, CloudSigma Technical Support Executive
Beloslava Spiridonova
Quality Assurance Specialist

Alexander Georgiev Team
Alex Georgiev
Technical Support Engineer

Lora Cholakova
Senior Accountant

Zlatin Veselinov, Senior Systems Administrator
Zlatin Veselinov
Senior System Administrator

Blagovest Tushev, Senior Systems Administrator
Blagovest Tushev
Senior System Administrator

Stanislav Yanchev, Senior Systems Administrator
Stanislav Yanchev
Senior System Administrator

Georgi Kasamakov, Senior Systems Administrator
Georgi Kasamakov
Senior System Administrator

Yana Georgieva, Office Manager
Yana Georgieva
Revenues Control Specialist

Jonathan Lopez, FrontEnd Developer
Jonathan Lopez
Senior Software Developer

Christian Lopez, FrontEnd Developer
Christian Lopez
Software Developer – Frontend

Ivaylo Stefanov Team
Ivaylo Stefanov
Senior Software Developer

Cruz Cervantes
Cruz Cervantes
Software Developer

Mohsen Hassani
Mohsen Hassani
Software Developer

Hristian Donchev, Technical Support Engineer
Hristian Donchev
Technical Support Engineer

Office Manager, Office Manager
Silvia Todorova
Office Manager

Georgi Mitsov, Technical Support Engineer
Georgi Mitsov
Technical Support

Pavlin Minzilev, Technical Support Engineer
Pavlin Minzilev
Technical Support

Filip Kulaksazov, Partner Business Development Manager
Filip Kulaksazov
Partner Business Development

Petar Risin, Technical Support Engineer
Petar Rissin
Technical Support

Dimitar Pehlivanov, Financial Controller
Dimitar Pehlivanov
Financial Controller

Andrey Penkov, Technical Support Executive
Andrey Penkov
Technical Support Engineer

Andrey Penkov, Technical Support Engineer
Viktor Angelov
Technical Support Engineer

Slavina-Prodanova, Technical Support Engineer
Slavina Prodanova
Quality Assurance Specialist


Plus many more superstars!

At CloudSigma we believe a happy team means happy customers. As we’ve grown we haven’t lost our enthusiasm. We love what we do and it’s our promise to you that we’ll always be on hand to support you.

Investors & Board of Directors

Anthony Foy, Investor & Member of the Board

Anthony is CEO of Workshare after holding the parallel position at SkyDox, where he focused on executing the company’s vision for delivering secure, cloud-enabled collaboration to the enterprise. Anthony brings more than 20 years of experience to Workshare and has built profitable technology ventures in Europe, North America, Asia, Latin America, and Australia..

Prior to joining SkyDox, Anthony was Group Managing Director at Interxion (NYSE: INXN) and was responsible for the development of the company in terms of strategic growth, business development, and executive hires. He was instrumental in driving the company’s operational performance and building its revenue to more than $350 million, culminating in an IPO in early 2011.

Before joining Interxion, he was Senior Vice President and General Manager International with Broadbase Software [now Kana Software (NASDAQ: KANA)], where he built the company’s international operations, growing the company from a start-up to an IPO with revenues of more than $100 million. Prior to this, he was Director, International Sales & Business Development with Red Brick Systems [now part of IBM (NYSE:IBM)].

Phil Collerton, Investor & Member of the Board

Phil is the Managing Director of the Uptime Institute in Europe, Middle East and Africa, responsible for all commercial and service delivery activities in the region. Phil joined the Uptime Institute in April 2012, and has established a dynamic team based in London and Dubai, focusing on the EMEA region.

Phil frequently represents the Uptime Institute at data centre industry events, drawing on his expertise in designing, building and operating data centres. He has gained extensive experience in data centre operations, data centre training and staffing, consolidation of data centres and establishment of data centres in new markets and geographies.

Robert Jenkin, CEO & Member of the Board

Robert is a Co-Founder and CEO of CloudSigma along with his long-time friend Patrick Baillie. Robert & Patrick had a vision for a different style of cloud-focused around customer requirements, not computing frameworks created by the service provider; an open environment where end-users could define their infrastructure in a highly flexible way with little or no restrictions, just like they were used to doing in their own private environments. Their shared vision was the genesis of CloudSigma in 2009 in Zürich, Switzerland and as with many great things, it began life sketched out on a napkin!

Robert previously has experience in early stage venture capital and corporate finance in the City of London. Robert is a graduate in Economics from Cambridge University.