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For Hosting & Service Providers

“IaaS is definitely a significant revenue contributor. The CloudSigma cloud has become an integral part of our service portfolio and we are able to position ourselves as a premier cloud service provider in the Philippines. There are other local clouds but there is nothing comparable to what the CloudSigma platform is able to provide.”
Niño Valmonte, Director Marketing & Digital Innovation, IPC

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For Running PaaS/SaaS

“It was critical that the cloud matched closely our existing production environments of Deutsche Börse’s trading systems whilst at the same time is offering stability, performance and pricing that made sense for on-demand SaaS. CloudSigma provided the reliability, capacity and flexibility required at a competitive rate.”
Stephen Watling, Deutsche Börse

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For Big Data

“Spinning up a server takes less than a minute and we barely even have to think about it. Having the ability to deploy our preferred operating system and software within its cloud was a big help. Not to mention, the associated cost is very low since we are only paying for the CPU, storage and RAM that we actually need.”
Subrat Basnet, Co-founder grepsr

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CloudSigma offers four strategic US cloud locations and a further six international cloud locations in Europe and APAC. We choose our locations very carefully to offer excellent connectivity, security and reliability for our clouds. A cloud can only be as reliable as the underlying infrastructure it relies on.
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Deploy Resources Instantly

No-one enjoys waiting. That’s why in our cloud, new servers become available in less than 30 seconds. We execute resource requests in real-time so you can build dynamic cloud infrastructure that always performs. In fact, you are less than 60 seconds away from seeing for yourself. Discover the difference…

Perfect Cloud Provisioning


Instead of jamming your computing into a few fixed server or VPS configurations, at CloudSigma you are in the driver’s seat. We provide free form VPS sizing with completely unbundled resources. Pick from ready servers like Linux, Windows and FreeBSD or build your own. Every customer deployment in our cloud is unique, tailored to your needs, and can be provisioned in less than 30 seconds. More about cloud provisioning…


Our virtual data center approach means you won’t waste time wondering ‘how do I do that in the cloud’ or porting existing systems. We keep your data in your cloud servers secure. You can migrate your computing to CloudSigma easily and quickly. Import your own drive image into our cloud and it will work out of the box! In our cloud you can run any x86/x64 operating system unmodified and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Here’s how it works…

Upload your own server image to the cloud
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We’ve put a lot of time and effort into ensuring our API is as usable and feature-rich as possible. In fact our own webapp is built on top of our API. That means that every feature in our cloud is available on a machine to machine interface and always will be. Read our API documentation…

Picturepark and Genio Group "CloudSigma offered everything we needed to deploy our infrastructure 1:1 to the cloud without a single change to the Picturepark application.
Having one partner for everything, with a choice of locations, to be able to be closer to the customers and provide better performance, allows us to better able to serve customers."
NICK BERTHET Director of Operations
"The unprecedented support, high SLA and ability to tailor our virtual machines as per our exact needs were our top reasons for choosing CloudSigma as our infrastructure partner." RICCARDO FERRUCCI CTO, GENIO GROUP
Workshare and HostingAdvice "CloudSigma is highly elastic in the way that it's architectured, so we can easily scale up and down as needed, provisioning the exact capacity required of our testing environment. This lets us process data quickly while saving money on resources we aren't using.

The cost efficiency of CloudSigma's cloud platform is key; we've been able to dedicate more resources toward enhancing our product portfolio, including the launch of Workshare Professional 8."
BARRIE HADFIELD Visionary Founder & CTO
"CloudSigma empowers users to gain control of their cloud environments through unbundled resources, a consumption-based pricing model, and a selection of datacenters spanning the globe.

With an agile methodology and plans for further expansion based on customer need, CloudSigma is continuing to create opportunities for clients worldwide."
Attained Group and Wireload "CloudSigma has a top-notch, modern setup. This is a company that clearly understands tech companies. Rather than a dumbed down, one-size-fits-all solutions, we get a hosting solution that's customisable down to the detail and all the compute power we need is always available." ALEXANDER LJUNGBERG Managing Director
"I’d highly recommend the Cloud-as-a-Service offering of CloudSigma to any local data centre provider who wants to differentiate themselves from other “off-the-shelf” cloud providers. With an international cloud provider like CloudSigma by our side, we are in a very strong position to succeed in the cloud space.” CEO, ATTAINED GROUP PAUL ARCH

Create a cloud server in less than 30 seconds.

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