CloudSigma Fuels Space Apps Challenge for the Second Year in a Row

Great innovators always strive to uncover the unknown, whether it’s a startup founder looking to shake up an existing industry with a new technology, or a scientist looking to explore outer space, they’re determined to keep asking “what’s next?” And, it’s with similar ambition that technologists, scientists, designers, artists, educators, entrepreneurs, developers and students worldwide […]

Join us at PyCon!

PyCon 2014, the biggest Python event of the year, is taking place this weekend in Montréal, Canada. Since CloudSigma is a Python shop, we’re extra excited to both support the event as a sponsor, as well as attending the exciting talks. If you’re attending PyCon, make sure to stop by our booth (219) to say […]

Make sure to patch your servers for the Heartbleed bug

Today there was a major security announcement that affected a large number of online services. In short, if you’re running a website that is using OpenSSL (i.e. most websites that are secured by SSL) you are likely to be affected. You can read more about the bug here. You can also check if you’re exposed […]

We’re at NAB! Easing Security Fears for Media Collaboration

No one understands the phrase ‘time is money’ more than the media industry. If a production isn’t finished on schedule because of editing delays, it can result in a hemorrhage of finances. Collaborating on a project under this kind of pressure used to be extremely stressful, because, before the cloud, it often required media companies […]

Using Ansible with CloudSigma

In a recent article I wrote about how you can use Salt to manage your CloudSigma infrastructure. Another tool mentioned in that article was Ansible, which is in many ways similar to Salt. Since we’re all about choice here at CloudSigma, I thought it was only fair to also provide Ansible-users (or aspiring Ansible-users) with […]

Cloud Giant IBM Grows Larger with Inflexible Solutions for the Enterprise

IBM announced in January that they have invested $1.2 billion to launch 15 new data centers across the U.S., China, Hong Kong, India, Canada and the U.K. to increase their global public cloud services, as an alternative to Amazon. But,is this really what the industry and enterprises need? IBM has had cloud offerings across Europe, […]

Build your own PaaS (with Dokku)

One of the most popular PaaS providers today is Heroku. Heroku, along with other PaaS providers like Engine Yard is loved by developers because it makes the deployment of a new application extremely fast and simple. Since most developers rather write code than setting up and troubleshoot servers, it’s not hard to figure out why […]

CloudSigma a 3x Finalist

As a customer-centric public cloud provider, we have not only designed our platform to meet the demands of even the most complex and varied workloads, but have also made it a point to listen to our customers’ biggest pain points and adapt our cloud infrastructure accordingly. It’s with this in mind that we introduced our […]

CloudSigma Partners with New Relic to Improve Public Cloud Application Performance Monitoring

New Relic Furthers Trust in the Cloud for CloudSigma Customers’ Critical Applications and Workloads Zurich, Switzerland – March 12, 2014 – CloudSigma, a public cloud IaaS provider with advanced hybrid hosting solutions, today announced that it has partnered with software analytics company New Relic, Inc., to provide customers with new levels of real-time insight into […]

CompatibleOne, jclouds and LibCloud now support CloudSigma’s IaaS cloud

We have always been committed to making our platform as accessible and open as possible. This is an ongoing effort of continual improvement so we’re happy to announce a number of recent initiatives that back up these commitments. As you probably know, we already allow you to upload and download your disk images from our […]